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The News messing up our privacy (Ch. 2)

Previously on "The News messing up our privacy", Natasha & Adam was in love when suddenly the gossip messes their privacy! They're so mad for the news!!!!

The story continues....

Me & Adam was in L.A. For the news, One reporter stop us and said, "Here they are!!!!" the camera people was take us a picture. "HEY, BACK OFF!!!!" she said, "I mean it!!!" But, they continue taking pictures of us.

"I'm gonna sue them," Says Adam. "But How?" she says. He whisper my ear for a idea. We're hiding behind the tree, & No camera person sees us. except one.

"Damn," She said, "How could they follow us?" "Don't worry about them baby," Adam says, "they don't follow us no more."

The police find us & talk to us. "You Guys alright?" said the officer. "Yeah." Said Adam.

"This is gonna be war between the news & us," She says, "And we're going to sue them!!!! Where's the damn reporter?" She says. the officer grab him & says, "you're under arrest for messing their privacy." "I didn't do anything!!!!" says the reporter. "I didn't!!!!"

"Tell it to the Judge!!!" says the officer. "See you in Court!" Adam Says.

Will the reporter will be gulity for the case or the couple win?

Find out in the conclusion of "The News messing our privacy" Coming Soon....
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