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She Will Be Loved... Chapter 4

Its the morning after Adam showed up at her doorstep and she is glad Adam actually came to see her. She was still a little worried about what she had told him about her Ex-boyfriend. Adam on the other hand meets her parents and he is nervous about it!!!


Lupita woke up first, she thought it was just a dream, until she saw Adam next to her. She looked at him for a moment, she couldn’t believe he was here with her and smiled. She got up and went downstairs and saw luggage in the living room. Lupita headed to the kitchen, where her mom was making breakfast. “Morning, honey” she said. “Morning mom” Lupita said with a yawn. Her mom turned around and looked at her and asked “Some luggage came this morning, is it yours?” “No, a friend of mine came in last night” she replied. “Oh, so who’s your friend? Her mom asked “Just a friend I met in L.A., that’s it.” Lupita decided to take the luggage upstairs. Adam was still fast asleep when she went to drop off the luggage, she tried not to wake him, he looked so peaceful.

A few minutes after she left Adam woke up. It took him a while to know where he was and he smiled. He saw his luggage and he decided to take a shower.

Lupita ate her breakfast and decided to go check up on Adam. She opened the door and saw Adam almost naked. “Oh my god, I’m sorry” she slammed the door he put on his pants and opened the door. Lupita turned around “Adam, I thought you were still….” she trailed off and saw he wasn’t wearing a shirt. She could see his tattoos, the ones she’d seen in pictures and on T.V. and always imagined what it would be to see them for herself. “It’s ok” he said with a smile. She felt so embarrassed. “So you like them?” he asked her. “What?” she said dazed. “My tattoos” he said. She started to blush and said “Yeah” “I love the one for Frankie and the flowers on your shoulder.” “Listen, Adam, I’m sorry for last night, I didn’t want you find out like that” Adam got close to her and put his arms around her. Lupita could feel his muscular arms. Adam looked at her and said “It’s ok, I understand” “You do?” He looked at her and said “Yeah, I went through the same thing with…” Lupita stopped him and said “Jane” he looked at her “Yes with Jane” Lupita knew about Jane and how she inspired Adam to write his first album. She thought how his songs have gotten her through so much and now she felt like she was the girl with the broken smile and that Adam stood in the pouring rain for her.

And with that she looked at Adam and said “Let’s try, you know us” “Really?” Adam said surprised “Are you sure?” Lupita nodded. “I promise will take it slow.” he said. They kissed and felt like everything else didn’t matter anymore. “So, I guess my charming good looks worked huh?” he joked. Lupita laughed and said “Yeah I guess I have a weakness for good looks after all.” Adam put on a shirt and they headed downstairs.

They went into the kitchen, where both Lupita parents were sitting eating breakfast. “Morning dad” she said cheerfully and kissed him on the cheek. “Morning sweetie” he said. Lupita and Adam sat down. “And who might this be?” he asked looking at Adam. “This is Adam” Lupita said looking at him smiling. Adam never really met the parents of the girl he was dating before, so he was a little nervous. “So you’re a friend of my daughters?” he asked. “Yes sir” he said. “So, Adam what do you for a living?” Lupita’s mom asked. “I’m a musician and a singer” “I’m in a band.” Adam answered. “What’s your bands name?” Lupita’s mom asked. “Maroon 5” he said. “Wait, Lupita don’t you like that band?” she asked her daughter. “Yes, mom I do” she said annoyed. “Adam, she plays your music all the time she’s here.” her mom said. “Oh she does, does she” he said smiling at her. Lupita was getting embarrassed. “Yes, all day long” she said. Adam started to laugh.

Then her mom goes on and says, “Adam, I know that you’ve dated a lot of women over the years” “Mom!!!” Lupita shouted. “Is this true?” her dad said. Lupita knew Adam was feeling so uncomfortable and so was she. “It’s ok, Lupita” Adam said. “Yes, I have, but with all do respect, I am not the type of person they say I am” he said. “They made me a person that I wasn’t” he went on. “But people say what they want to hear, so I don’t really pay attention to the media” “I respect peoples opinion, if they like me they like me, if they don’t that’s fine too. Lupita’s parents looked very pleased with Adam. “You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, your parents must be really proud of you Adam” Lupita’s dad said. “Thank you, sir” “And may I say, you raised a wonderful daughter yourself” “Why thank you, she is very special isn’t she” her mom said. “Yes she is” he said looking at her Lupita smiled. “OK, can we stop the embarrassment please” Lupita said already annoyed. They all started to laugh
 “So, how long are you in town for?” Lupita’s mom asked. “A week.” “I just needed to get away from all the craziness going on with the tour.” But Lupita knew that wasn’t the reason, he actually came all the way there to see her. “Where are you staying?” her dad asked. “Well, my manger has a room set up for me at a hotel downtown.” Adam said. “You don’t have to go downtown, you can stay here.” “We have a spare room.” Her mom said. “Lupita, go show Adam his room.” “Really, I can stay at the hotel” “I don’t want to be a bother to you” Adam said. “No, you’re no bother at all” she said. 

Adam and Lupita headed upstairs. “I’m sorry about that.” Lupita said. “It’s alright, I get it, your parents are just making sure I was good enough for you.” Lupita turned around and put her arms around his neck, “Well, I didn’t need my parent’s approval for that.” She said and kissed him.

They entered the room and Adam unpacked some of his stuff. “My parents really like you.” “I’m surprised; usually my dad interrogates my boyfriends.” Adam laughed “But when you told them the truth about all the tabloid stuff, he probably knew he could trust you” “That was kind of hot, I have to say” she said. “Oh really” he said with a grin.  He went over to the bed where she was sitting and kissed her, she giggled, and then the door opened.  “Adam, do you need….” It was Lupita’s mom. She saw them, “Oh my” she said. “Mom!!!” Lupita said surprised. Her mom looked at them. Adam got up and tried to explain what was going on “Mrs. Sandoval, I can explain” she looked at him waiting for an answer. “The thing is I truly care for your daughter very much” “And I’d do anything for her.” “I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.” “I just want you to know that” he told her. “Well, now I see that she’s in good hands” she said with a smile. “Just be careful with her” she said. “You have my word.” He assured her Lupita hugged her. Mrs. Sandoval left and Adam turned to Lupita said “Now where were we?” “Hmmmm…I don’t remember” she said playfully. “Well, let me give you something to refresh your memory” he said and kissed her.

They finished making out, which made them breathless. “Do you want to go out to eat somewhere tonight?” Adam asked her. “Yeah I know this great place we could get the best sushi in town, I know you like sushi,” she said. “Wow, you really know me, are you sure your not a stalker?” he joked. Lupita laughed and said “Shut up!!!” and kissed him again.

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